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Property Relocation

We will set up the following utility accounts for you:


Electricity Provider: Contact energy provider to set up a new account.

Water Provider: Contact the water provider to set up a new account.

Telephone and internet Provider: contact the service provider of your choice to set up a new account and set up a direct debit.

For further information, please contact us. 

Vehicle Registration

Providing a check list of all documents needed

Answering emails

Scanning and working on documentation

Submission of documents on line

This does not include

“Certificat de Conformité” fees

French registration document fees

Technical control fees

For further information, please contact us.

Cartes de Sejour


 Different Carte de Séjour

There are 2 types of carte de séjour :

1. For someone who has been resident for a minimum of three months (Carte de Séjour temporaire).

2. For someone who has been resident for 5 years or more (Titre de Séjour permanent).

Requirements for the Carte de Séjour

You must have a sufficient income to live in France (approximately €1,200 per month for a couple,  this includes Pensions, savings, rentals etc).  You must also have French health cover (Carte Vitale) (it can be CPAM, SSI ex-RSI or private).

For further information,  please contact us.